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Breitling’s Reno Air Race Game!

June 22, 2011

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One of the coolest things about the future of mobile devices is their potential to change the face of social, competitive gaming. The ability to compete with real people all over the world, anywhere, anytime, is enough to get any self-respecting Nerd frothing at the mouth (more than usual). Currently, I’ve been really digging on […]

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NOTM Baby Ninja From Shawnimals

October 28, 2010

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Where do baby ninjas come from? I bet you thought that when two ninjas loved each other very much, they totally boned like crazy and then a stork came down nine months later with a newborn baby ninja.  Well, you’re wrong, because baby ninjas come from Shawnimals. The Baby Ninja is the NOTM (that’s Ninja […]

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Bomber Zero by Rohby

February 18, 2009


Has the time come for an Urban Vinyl/ Designer Toy Transformer? Rohby seems to think so. This transforming piece of art was recently debuted at NYCC (although I totally missed it). For more info on the Bomber Zero concept, check out this great interview with Roby by Toy Ark here. For more Bomber Zero goodness […]

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Coolest Plane and the Coolest Band

July 15, 2008