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Mortal Kombat Features Challenge Tower With 300 Missions

March 5, 2011

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When the new Mortal Kombat game is released next month, along with the return to the 2D style gameplay Midway is including a mode called Challenge Tower. In this mode players will be able to navigate through 300 different levels of challenges ranging from test your strength and fighting opponents under certain restrictions. For those […]

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Is This The New Mortal Kombat Movie???

June 8, 2010


Reptile MK Movie

With Midway selling off their major franchies last year, Warner Bros was able to scoop up the rights to Mortal Kombat for movies, games and whatever other marketing for the franchise. Lately there have been reports of Warner wanting to reboot the movie franchise along with the game, with Ed Boon stating that they will […]

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NBA Jam set to return on the Wii???

January 5, 2010

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Well not officially, but according to ESPN.com EA sports is looking to reboot the franchise on the Wii console. The rights are up in the air right now due to the Activision/Midway sale last year, so there is an easy possibility that this game could get made. In the past years there have been many […]

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Warner Brothers purchase of Midway soon to be official

July 2, 2009

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The sale of Midway to Warner Brothers should become official in about 10 days. According to Midway spokesman, Geoffrey Mogilner, this will put the Mortal Kombat, This is Vegas, the Midway sports titles (i.e the Blitz: The League series), Midway arcade titles along with the Chicago and Seattle based studios. The San Diego and Newcastle […]

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Horrible news, Free Radical closes shop.

December 18, 2008

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Master Chimp

Man the video game industry is really taking a hit lately. First Midway starts closing down multiple development studios, now Free Radical has completely shut down. For those of you not familiar with Free Radical, the studio consisted of a team of developers that worked for Rare and created Goldeneye 64 and Perfect Dark 64. […]

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One more nail for Midway

December 1, 2008

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Well, it seems as if Midway is getting closer to the grave. This past weekend, the wall street journal reported, that Summer Redstone (the majority controller in Midway) sold off his majority stock for $100,000. Now you might be thinking that buying the majority of a company for that low, roughly $0.0012 per share, is […]

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Mortal Kombat vs DC thoughts.

November 25, 2008

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Well folks, it has finally begun. Great fighting games are finally being consistently produced by many studios. First we got Soul Calibur IV, Street Fighter II HD Remix (releases today on PS3 by the way), Street Fighter IV coming out early next year and in my opinion the biggest surprise as of late, Mortal Kombat […]

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