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Supernintendo Segagenesis, New Album by Team Teamwork

March 28, 2011

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Supernintendo Segagenesis

Team Teamwork has released a new album of hip-hop tracks over SNES and Genesis game music called Supernintendo Segagenesis. Previously Team Teamwork has released albums using Link to the Past and Final Fantasy music as the backdrop for their respective albums, this time around instead of focusing on one game the album will feature music […]

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Hip-Hop tunes in 8-Bit form

March 11, 2009

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8-Bit Hip Hop

From the website truegameheadz, comes a fantastic mix of hip-hop tunes remixed in 8-Bit sound. Unfortunately I can’t embedded their player on our site, so check em out HERE to listen to the tracks. The Dirt Off Your Shoulders mix is great. Full list of songs that are in the mix are as follows: Jay-Z […]

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