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WWE 2K14 Will Feature 30 Years of Wrestlemania Mode

August 12, 2013

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With the release of WWE 2K14 coming ups in the next few month, 2K games has released information on the new single player mode called 30 Years of Wrestlemania. Last year we were given WWE Attitude which allowed us to recreate and play through some of the most memorable matches and stories from The Attitude […]

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Hulk Hogan- still an idiot

May 28, 2010

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Hogan O

This photo cracks me up: It accompanies an awesome article from our friends at the Onion AV Club. This hilarious story of Hulk Hogan trying to sue Cocoa Pebbles for using his likeness shows that he might not realize that the Flintstones have done this with every celebrity for the last 50+ years.

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Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs Mr. T in Steet Fighter IV

July 28, 2009

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One thing that PC gamers will always have over console gamers is the ability to mod their games. Since I don’t PC game I really haven’t been too concerned about the cool stuff that can be done. That has all changed after seeing this video. One modder has been able to create skins, and not […]

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