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Nerd City Field Trip! or ‘How Max and Len went to the Petersen Automotive Museum’

August 4, 2014

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Every so often, Nerd City drags our asses off our collective sofas and actually does something with our lives. Last week, intrepid Nerd Citizens Max and comic creator/all-around madman Len Kody headed to Los Angeles’ Petersen Automotive Museum to check out the vaults/an exclusive with-the-director screening of the film adaptation of ‘Need for Speed‘. It […]

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Happy St. Pattycakes!

March 17, 2009


An oldie, but a goodie (at least where I come from): Direct Link to Youtube Video And, the remix: Direct Link to Youtube Video

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The Only Good Super Bowl Commercial

February 2, 2009


“..my gold pants.” Direct Link to Youtube Video Just mail in your gold to this address. Nerd City P.O. Box 805449 Chicago, IL 60680

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