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2010 Gingerbread Holiday Spirit by Paul Kaiju

December 16, 2010

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The only thing better than another amazing monster custom figure from Kaiju art icon Paul Kaiju is one that is completely edible! Paul has been doing these for a few years now, and it always amazes me to see that not only is he an insanely talented painted, but also an amazingly talented (insert term […]

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Oh, you wanna see gingerbread?!

December 23, 2008


It’s nerd-a-licious. And check out these other great gingerbread houses here.

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Kaiju Gingerbread House by Paul Kaiju

December 11, 2008


kaiju gingerbread house

Here’s an image that I found of a kaiju/monster-styled gingerbread house from the amazingly talented Paul Kaiju.  You can’t eat it, but it might eat you! Check out more of Paul’s work here.

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