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coke’s freestyle = endless possibilities

May 31, 2010

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I was in Chipotle a couple months ago and I saw this guy, easily in his mid-50s, making himself a Suicide at the soda fountain.  It was pretty impressive.  And with that anecdote, I’ll segue seamlessly into my story about Coke’s new “fountain machine of the future”, the Freestyle. Now, like the old man I […]

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Opening Ceremonies!

April 17, 2010

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Direct Link to Youtube Video Wrestler-cum-comedian-cum-social commentator (and all-around Nerd City favorite) Darwin Smith gets C2E2 officially jumping as his alter-ego “Eaze-D” busts it old-school for all the nerdy cracker motherfuckers. He literally did this as doors opened. Happy C2E2, everyone!

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Freestyle Battle Translated for the White Audience

September 24, 2008


Both the hosts and guests of Nerd City make a lot of references to rap, hip hop, and urban culture in general.  I thought this translation may help the average midwestern listener, a demographic with which I’m all too familiar.  Pay attention, you might learn something! Direct Link to Youtube Video

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