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Nerd City @ Flossmoor Station.

February 17, 2010

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Recently, myself and Nerd CIty beer correspondent¬† Bob Egan ventured out to local Illinois brewery Flossmoor Station, and it ruled. Brewers Bryan and Richard were super cool dudes, and our bartender Annie made sure we got nice and ham-boned. For a small brewery, their output is simply unreal.¬† Their seasonal, Cupid’s Got a Brand New […]

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“Happy Friday” Great Taste of the Midwest Day 1

August 14, 2009

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Happy Friday Nerd City. I don’t know what you did last weekend I heard there was some stuff going in the city comic book related but I was miles away friends in a land called Wisconsin. Wisconsin according to my 8th grade geography class is above Illinois or to north. This weekend in the city […]

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