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Episode 33

January 26, 2009

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SHAG! The boys are joined by Nerd Citizen and podcast 3-timer Shag, as the boys talk Obama in comics, Savage Dragon, TMNT, and much, much, oh so much more, in this the 33rd episode, the year of our lord, 2009. Pics and links after the jump…

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Obama Already Making Some Significant Changes

January 21, 2009

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Just because he’s only been President for one day doesn’t meen that Barak Obama isn’t getting right down to business in terms of performing his Presidential duties.  First and foremost of which, apparently, is whipping Image’s Youngblood into shape.  From ImageComics.com: Yesterday morning Comic Book Resources broke the news President Barack Obama will make his […]

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Hail to the Chief – Flawless Victory!

January 20, 2009

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Obama to Guest in a Spidey Comic

January 9, 2009


On Jan. 14, Marvel Comics is releasing a special issue of Amazing Spider-Man #583 with President-Elect Obama on the cover. Inside are five pages of the two teaming up and even a “fist-bump” between Spider-Man and the Obama. From Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada about Obama’s much rumored Spider-Fandom: It was a natural after we learned […]

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Election Day!

November 4, 2008


Don’t blame me, I voted for Kang. Direct Link to Youtube Video

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Wait, there’s an election coming up??

October 31, 2008


Lenny Karl

We have already seen The Savage Dragon endorse Obama, now Comicbook Resources has a few more comic pieces dedicated to the candidates. Below are my favorites but you can check the rest out at their site. WARNING: Possible Battlestar Galactica spoiler if you have not gotten through season 2.

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Register to vote through your Xbox

August 21, 2008

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Microsoft has teamed up with the Rock the Vote folks to allow people to register to vote through Xbox Live. This is definitely an interesting way of going by reaching out to the video game crowd. In the past Rock the vote has worked with MTV, Puff Daddy (I voted so I didn’t die that […]

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