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Avengers vs X-Men Coming April 2012 From Marvel

December 7, 2011

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Avengers vs X-Men

With Brian Michael Bendis announcing that he will be stepping down from the Avengers family writing duties after 2012, Avengers vs X-Men couldn’t have come at a better time giving Bendis one more big cross-over event with the characters he helped turn into viable comics again 7 years ago. Joining Bendis on creative end of […]

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Nice Rack: A (Recent) History of Violence

September 23, 2010

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A couple weeks ago, I posed a question to you: is it time for you to give up your super-hero books (you can read that post here)? ¬†While I’ve received some interesting responses as to what you have been reading/picking up lately, I thought it may be nice to give you a few killer (see […]

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Secret Avengers to Launch With Ed Brubaker and Mike Deodato

February 8, 2010


Secret Avenger

With the news coming out last week in regards to Bendis’ and Romitas Avengers book, there have been many questions in regards to what the other titles may be if any. Well, Marvel announced today the second Avengers book entitled Secret Avengers. This book will be written by Ed Brubaker, who has been doing a […]

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