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Nerd City’s Guide to NYCC!

October 6, 2014

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After a five year absence (jail sentences and whatnot) Nerd City makes our triumphant return to New York Comic Con (10/9-10/12)! As usual, there’s an absolute shit-ton of people to see and things to check out at the show and we thought we’d do our best to lend a helping hand while you Nerd out […]

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Dave Crosland’s “Alphabet Attack” Series 2

April 21, 2011

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Scud Crosland

As you all are probably aware we at Nerd City are big fans of Dave “King Gum” Crosland. Whether it be his comics, such as the fantastic Puffed book, his con commissions or his overall art work in general, Crosland never ceases to disappoint when it comes to putting out fantastic work. We previously brought […]

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On “Shadowland”.

September 27, 2010


I admit, occasionally, I do get sucked in to what ever cross-over event the major publications may be running. Sometimes, they are good…sometimes, they are very, very bad. I was however, particularly intrigued by Marvel‘s new “Shadowland” storyline. As a big fan of Daredevil, and the “street level” heroes of the Marvel U (Ghost Rider, […]

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Marvel Comics Costume & Level Packs Available for Little Big Planet

July 6, 2010

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Marvel Costumes

Continuing with their consistent updates, Sony has released the official Marvel Comics costume and Level Pack. Included in the first release will see costumes for Iron Man, The Thing, Daredevil, Mystique and Dr. Octopus retailing for $1.99 each or $4.99 for the whole pack. Of course with your fancy new costumes you will need to […]

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Jonah Hex: No Way Out

May 28, 2010

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Jonah Hex

In anticipation for the theatrical release of Jonah Hex, DC is set to release a brand new graphic novel story by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti and Tony DeZuniga. Jonah Hex: No Way Out gives us a look into the life of Jonah as a child showing us what drove him to become the vigilante that […]

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Comic Book Movie News

February 9, 2010


¡Hola mis amigos nerdy!  How about some comic-book-turned-movie news, yes? Captain America:  (here), (here), and (here) Green Lantern:  (here) Superman: (here) Daredevil: (here) That was fun, no?  Until next time, ¡Ruego para que usted pierda su virginidad!

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