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Wrasslin Wednesdays: Steve Corino vs Yoshihiro Tajiri Hardcore Heaven 2000

September 3, 2014

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Back when I got into wrestling in the late 90s, ECW unfortunately was a difficult product to find. Due to being in Kansas, we didn’t get the syndicated show, so outside of a few random PPVs watched through illegal cable and reading news in wrestling magazines I never got to see how great the product […]

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“Cyrus” trailer.

January 24, 2010

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Sometimes movie castings just make sense.  John C. Reilly as a lonely schlub who falls for a single and beautiful Marisa Tomei, only to find out she has a full-grown, rat-bastard Jonah Hill son?  With Catherine Keener and Matt Walsh filling in supporting roles?  Makes sense to me.  Glad they finally got around to making […]

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