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The Avengers Assemble in This Second Trailer

February 29, 2012

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Marvel has released the 2nd full trailer for this Summers Avengers movie and if you were impressed by the first trailer this one should impress you even more. We get new footage of Loki and Fury, The Hulk, a good look at Maria Hill, a great Iron Man clip and so much more action that […]

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Avengers Assemble!!! Marvel Releases First Official Trailer

October 11, 2011

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The Avengers

Well kids today is the day we get our first official look at next years Avengers film. It looks great and offers us a quick look at the Cap/Iron Man relationship, we get to see Fury in action and we get our first brief look at the new Hulk. Based off the trailer, I’m guessing […]

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The Avengers Have Been Assembled

July 26, 2010



At this weekends comic con, Marvel finally officially announced and confirmed their Avengers cast and director. Joining Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Captain America, Scarlett Johannson as Black Widow, Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury and Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson we now have official confirmation that Jermey […]

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Iron Man 2 Trailer Online

December 16, 2009


Iron Man 2

So yeah go watch the official trailer for Iron Man 2 WATCH IT!!!

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First Images of ScarJo as Black Widow from “Iron Man 2″

July 17, 2009

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Work has kept me extremely busy this week so no Friday review of iPhone applications. ¬†Hopefully I can sneak some time in this weekend to hammer something out. ¬†But I don’t want to not post something remotely cool today, so here ya go…. [photoxhibit=9] Normally I prefer my ladies blonde but Scarlett as a redhead […]

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Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johansson confirmed for Iron Man 2?!?! Also a reboot for the Fantastic Four franchise?

March 12, 2009

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Today Variety is reporting that after initial failed attempts at securing the actor, that Mickey Rourke has signed on to play a villain in the upcoming Iron Man 2. It was rumored early that he would be playing Crimson Dynamo, but now it is looking to be actually Whiplash. I think that would make more […]

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