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Episode 18

September 15, 2008


Max and Ben are joined by amiga-del-musica Mel Barrows as they discuss her experience as a band tour manager, what music nerds should know about, and why she’s so in to Abe Vigoda. Rock. Nerds. Boobs: this episode of Nerd City. Pics and links after the jump…

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Video Promo for Episode 15

September 13, 2008


Kasey Fleming was nice enough to send us a super cool video promo for Episode 15:

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Hooked on tha Hook

September 11, 2008


For some reason I can’t get this gd hook out of my head.  At least that part doesn’t have her singing out of tune in it…  M.I.A. – Paper Planes

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Episode 17: The Lost Episode

September 10, 2008


Following the consumption of an unhealthy amount of hooch following an extended Nerd City-themed brunch, the boys recorded this show, Episode 17 with members of the Nerd City army, Mike and Staples. Thought forever lost, this episode has been excavated from the Nerd City vaults so that our diehard fans can see a different side […]

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Snowman Dead at 71

September 3, 2008