Jason Shawn Alexander’s {sic} New Paintings and Graphic Works

October 12, 2012

Art, Comics, Everything Else

Opening this weekend at the brand new 101/exhibit Contemporary Art Gallery in Los Angeles, Jason Shawn Alexander‘s {sic} New Paintings and Graphic Works is a truly great (and exceptionally important) show that blurs the line between pop and fine art in a way Nerd City has never seen before.

Although Alexander’s background is heavily rooted in illustration and comic books, make no mistake: this is not a quote unquote “pop art show”. This is a legitimate fine art exhibit at a legitimate fine art gallery and should be (and will be) treated as such.

No opening I’ve ever been to better demonstrates how truly tired the low vs. high brow argument has become. Art is art. That’s all there is to it.

And in case you thought J.S.A. was abandoning his Nerd roots, there’s a whole room dedicated to his ink-on-paper work, including featured pieces from his recent Batman: Arkham City graphic novel.

Things are different now. You’ve been warned. Go. See. This. Show.

Learn all about Jason Shawn Alexander’s {sic} @  101/exhibit Contemporary Art Gallery here. 

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