Video Game Costume Round-Up!

April 10, 2012

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With convention season upon us, Cosplay concerns are ever-present. Thinking of a costume, making it, fitting in to it…these are all worries best left to the part-time-employed basement dweller. Save yourself stress, money, and busted-seam embarrassment with this handy dandy list of the pre-made video game costumes (always a major crowd pleaser).

1. Team Mario

Doing the Mario/Luigi thing is a-so over. Make sure to spice it up as a supporting member of the family. From the chronically kidnapped collection:


And if you really want to abuse your power as a parent, dress your kid like Waluigi:

2. Link

Is there a more beloved hero in all of video game culture than the pointy eared avenger? Score your very own Zelda whilst wearing this bad boy:

3. Fight!

With the triumphant return of fighting games to the pop culture lexicon, there is no better time to embrace your inner Street Fighter/ Kombatant (just don’t take it as seriously as this dude):

And if you’re a confident, particularly Nerd-y young lady, may we recommend:

Lazy? Just throw on a large necklace, a blue t-shirt, and this admittedly ridiculous Akuma wig, and you’re set.

4. ¬†American McGee’s Alice

Obscure/goth/short are three of the most popular components of a successful female convention costume, as proven by this take on a take of Alice.

5. Master Chief

Got some serious dough/love killing aliens?

6. World of Warcraft Ork

A good mask can do most of the work when it comes to the dressing-like-a-fake-thing scene. Let people know you’re living the WOW life/cover up troublesome acne with this bit of green goodness (and not the type of green goodness Nerd City is usually talking about):

7. Pac-Man Ghost

Really make it clear you put absolutely no thought or effort in to your convention attire and are afraid of getting eaten, with this slice of classic arcade Americana:

Yeah! Video Game Costume Round-Up!

Get every one of these (and more) video game costumes @

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