Nerd City C2E2 Toy Exclusives!

April 10, 2012

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At this year’s C2E2 (April 13th-15th at McCorrmick Place in Chicago), Nerd City’s booth #842 is going to be the place to be for lovers of indie/MOTU/Glyos/resin toys! Our long time friend, The Godbeast, will be returning this year, along with his sons, and they’ll be bringing a plethora of resin goodness. Additionally, I will be unleashing no less than 25 of my new Cyborg Space Barbarian custom figures upon the world. We’ll also be featuring an exclusive new resin Simulation from Giant Japanese Monster, Bad!, as well as hand painted OMFG! Phantom Shithouses from Mistuh Thye, resin MOTU-inspired Glyos Demon Skull Heads from FeedtheDead and more customs and resin goodness from Super Sandbagger.

All of the exclusives at Nerd City’s booth #842 will be featuring is either of a very limited quantity or a one of a kind nature. So, if you see something you like, you’re advised to jump on it asap.

The Godbeast

Monster Kolor Bio Jumpers

Lion Armorvor

Granthan Armorvor

Cobra Armorvor

Kabuto Mushi Armorvor

FlyBee Armorvor

Repoclaimer Soldiers

TGB will be bringing that resin magic that you’ve come to know and love with a bunch of new heads for his Glyos-compatable Armorvor figure. He will have the Granthan, Flybee, Cobra and Kabuto Mushi (all sculpted by The Godbeast) and the awesome new Lion heads (sculpted by Jason Frailey.) Marty will also have a selection of his Bio Jumpers which have been brilliantly painted with Monster Kolor paints, as well as a stunning rainbow of his Repoclaimer Soldier figures (designed by Matt Doughty and sculpted and produced by TGB).

Marty will also have a selection of his Clawshine mini figures, as well as a selection of Glyos-compatible heads sculpted and designed by his uber talented sons, MJ and Kobe!

Ben Spencer

Cyborg Space Barbarian Orion Axe

Cyborg Space Barbarian Wardraak (Horned Variant)

Cyborg Space Barbarian Hallogrim

Cyborg Space Barbarian Gammathrall (Horned Variant)

Cyborg Space Barbarian Drowlok

This Cyborg Space Barbarian figures Orion Axe, Wardraak, Hallogrim, Gammathrall and Drowlok consist of a helmet that was originally designed and sculpted by Ben Spencer and produced in resin by Marty “The Godbeast” Hansen. These Cyborg Space Barbarian figures also feature bodies from disused vintage Masters of the Universes that were rescued from second hand stores, flea markets and the like, and brought back to brilliant life with hand painting and tlc from Ben Spencer. Each character will be available in an edition of 5 with 2 special horned “chase variant” figures. They will come in standard bag and header card format and will be available for $40 each from the Nerd City booth #842.

Giant Japanese Monster, Bad!

Off- Cherry Bomb Edition

Giant Japanese Monster, Bad will have his “Cherry Bomb” Edition of his Off figure from his Rejects of Eternia Similation line. The figure will be limited to an edition of 5, will come in a bag and header format with a He-Man head pin and will be $55 each.

Mistuh Thye

Hand Painted OMFG! Phantom Shithouses

Packaged with Accessories

Mistuh Thye will have 20 different 1/1 hand painted versions of his OMFG! Phantom Shithouse figure. Each figure will be $20 and will come with a sticker, pin and a mini army man or hillbilly cowboy.


Scareglow Demon Skull Heads

Skeletor Demon Skull Heads

Jewel Theif and GITD Demon Skull Heads

FeedtheDead will be bringing his new resin Demon Skull Glyos heads in a Scareglow, Skeletor, Jewel Theif and GITD colorway. This awesome little piece of evilness was sculpted by FeedtheDEad and produced by TheGodbeast. Each version is limited to an edition of 7 and will be $20 per head.

Super Sandbagger

1/1 Cumstom Sandroids


Super Sandbagger will be bringing an amazing collection of 1/1 customized Android figures and well as an edition of 6 of his Sandbaggler resin mini figures. And, as I’m told, he’ll be bringing even more resin goodness!

See you at Booth #842!

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