Mish Mash (St. Patrick’s Day Edition)!!

March 16, 2012


I wanna know, where da gold at?  (youtube)

Apparently the Leprechaun series is getting a reboot thanks to the WWE film company.  Huh?  (variety)

For a website called “modernman”, neither of these dudes look modern or manly.  But that’s not the point!  5 great St. Pat’s Day cocktails!  (modernman)

A 3 step guide to drinking alone on St. Patrick’s Day.  (holytaco)

Science has discovered that sex-deprived flies turn to alcohol.  And they say we humans are akin to monkeys.  Pssh!  (io9)

Aurora Borealis.  It looks green!  Get it!  St. Patrick’s Day!  (geekologie)

40 hottest Irish girls.  Though some of these girls aren’t pure-bloods and only have a little Irish in them.  Too bad that little Irish ain’t me.  (ranker)

Photos of the dumbest St Pat’s tradition: green beer.  It should only be green the next day, when it’s spewing from your ass.  (egotv)

Bizarre Irish myths and mysteries.  Apparently we like to drink?  (trutv)

How to properly pour a Guinness.  I prefer the anal beer-bong method best.  (brobible)

Drunkest presidents throughout history.  Our drunkest president?  President Jan Michael Vincent.  (11points)

13 of TVs most lovable alcoholics.  #14?  President Jan Michael Vincent.  (ranker)

In honor of The Ides of March: girls in togas!  (coedmagazine)

This dude can’t stop laughing since he had hip surgery.  He blames the after effects of the anesthesia.  Suuure *makes bottle with hand, tips head back and pretends to drink*  (youtube)

20 drunkest athletes of all time.  #21?  President Jan Michael Vincent.  (bleacherreport)

America’s drunkest cities.  And the winner is…  Beersylvania.  (time)

There will surely be plenty of these tomorrow:  St. Patrick’s Day fails.  (huffingtonpost)

Why go to Ireland when you can take this virtual tour of the Guinness factory?  I mean besides the fact that traveling to Ireland is awesome and beautiful.  (guinness)

And lastly, even though these dude are fake Irish hooligans, it’s still a great St. Patty’s Day anthem: Jump Around.  Jump up, jump up, and get down!  (youtube)

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