That’s My Boy Red-Band Trailer Makes Me Think Adam Sandler Movies Can be Funny Again

We can all probably agree that Adam Sandler hasn’t made an entertaining movie since (excluding Funny People) Little Nicky (and yes many will disagree even with that statement) but the trailer for his new film That’s My Boy may turn that around. Sandler stars as man (man-child really) who finds out his son (Andy Samberg), whom he hasn’t seen in years, is quite successful and rich and ends up meeting back up with his son in hopes of obtaining money for a IRS debt that could put him in jail. Of course I would assume over this time their relationship becomes much stronger than it has been.

The trailer made me laugh a few times and it seems like Sandler is playing a character similar to his character in the fantastic sketch The Psychotic Legend of Uncle Donnie off his album Stan and Judy’s Kid, so one can only hope that this will possibly turn around the horrible luck/choices he’s been making with his previous un-funny films when it is released this Summer in theatres.

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