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February 28, 2012


El olor de mi dedo!

When you combine the power of Kung-Fu with the hilarity of glamour-style photos, you something that would make Kip Dynamite happy.  (worldwideinterweb)

National Lampoon getting a reboot.  Just as soon as Randy Quaid lets his hostages go and gets that interplanetary interference device implanted in his head.  (hollywoodreporter)

Your new RoboCop hath been cast in the form of Joel Kinnaman.  Can he replicate the dead-eyed, blank stare Peter Weller has been able to achieve his entire career?  Only time will tell.  (deadline)

Abel Ferrara — director of such light-hearted fare as Bad Lieutenant, The Driller Killer, and 9 Lives of a Wet Pussy – has a new uplifting film coming out.  It’s called 4:44 – Last Day on Earth and it’s about, well, the last day on Earth.  (youtube)

Sacha Baron Cohen spilled fake cremated Kim Jong-Il ashes all over Ryan Seacrest at the Oscars.  (iwatchstuff)

Handy dandy guide to gang signs!  Fun for the whole family!  (pleated-jeans)

A few simple solutions to life’s everyday problems.  I find the solution to all of life’s problems is alcohol.  Lots and lots of alcohol.  (thechive)

Wes Anderson made a very Wes Anderson-y commercial.  It’s 130 minutes long and includes some great B-sides from the late 60′s.  (iwatchstuff)

If you’ve ever wanted a map that tracked every place someone had safe sex, you’re in for a real treat.  (wheredidyouwearit)

A mind-controlled skateboard?  Seems kind of pointless since all skateboarders are brainless.  Snap!  (geekologie)

50 greatest movie freakouts.  Most of these should involve Nic Cage.  (worldwideinterweb)

Oh, hey, speaking of: 100 greatest Nic Cage quotes!  (youtube)

Rare photos of The Clash playing the Casbah Club and a free download of the performance.  It’s like Christmas in February!  (coedmagazine)

If Skeletor had breasts, he’d be much more interesting.  (obviouswinner)

If you hate the diarrhea you get a night after drinking, just wait until it’s the diarrhea you get after a night of drinking Naga Chilli vodka.  (geekologie)

8 disturbing music videos you should watch right before bed/masturbating.  (unrealitymag)

14 movie cameos by the authors who wrote the book.  It’s cute to make a brief appearance in the vehicle that raped and pillaged your written word.  (mentalfloss)

How kids from 1976 imagine the future would look.  Much less marijuana and titties than you’d expect.  (buzzfeed)

If you’ve ever wanted to turn a Youtube video into a silent, B&W video, now’s your chance.  Of course, you could always just mute the sound and tinker with the screen settings, but hey — that’s me.  (avclub)

Adorable pufferfish chases laser pointer around his tank.  It is then killed and prepared wrong, and goes onto to poison same couple who made it chase laser.  Okay, that last half isn’t true.  But I’ve been watching a lot of Final Destination lately.  (dailywhat)

Stephen Hawking frequents sex clubs.  Just goes to show that girls dig brainy dudes.  That, and he’s hung like a rhino.  (radaronline)

New machinery is operable with the flick of the tongue.  I will refrain from any sex jokes here, but just know I am thinking of many, many things to say.  (engadget)

I don’t know who this guy is talking about, but he’s a fucking poet.  (buzzfeed)

And lastly, a walrus sucks it’s own dick.  (youtube)

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