Mish Mash!

February 15, 2012


15 chocolate flavors you need to taste before you die.  #16?  Doo-doo chocolate.  (buzzfeed)

30 pictures of a blow-up doll factory in China.  I like how they spray-paint on the nipples, much like Ben does.  (buzzfeed)

5 weirdest reasons we have sex.  I think the weirdest reason we have sex is to procreate.  We got like 7 billion peeps up in this piece!  Slow ya roll, yo!  (cracked)

Not the worst tattoo I’ve ever seen…but definitely one of the worst neck tattoos I’ve ever seen.  (itmakesnosense)

Bad postcards are so bad they’re good.  (badpostcards)

Seeking a Friend at the End of the World trailer is better than the stupidly long title would have you assume.  (youtube)

Dan Akroyd talks about Ghostbusters 3, discusses sandwiches he hopes to eat in near future.  (empireonline)

Valentine’s Day sucks, ammirite?  (thechive)

If you love retro suspense films set in space, you’ll love Beyond the Black Rainbow.  (youtube)

Rambo 5 happening because Stallone is desperate for money and/or actually thinks it’s a good idea (due to senility, of course).  (indiewire)

Mattel is finally releasing hoverboards!!11!1!! Except…they don’t hover.  Sooo.  I guess Mattel is finally releasing… “boards”.  (slashfilm)

Frankie Muniz starring in the major shitfest, Pizza Man.  Guess those Malcolm in the Middle residuals ain’t paying so well, huh you freckly little fuck?  (vimeo)

Guy sets new record for buying the most expensive Starbucks drink ever made!  Also set: record for the douchiest bag.  (geekologie)

This is a homemade airsoft gun.  It is fucking awesome.  (youtube)

Don’t fuck with henry Rollins.  Also, Happy Birthday Henry Rollins!  (filmdrunk)


A lot of people diss couples who wear matching outfits…but do you realize the balls it takes to even attempt it, let alone pull it off?  Respect.  (worldwideinterweb)

This Kim Jong-Un meme is funny.  And true.  he’s a fatty.  A big, fat, fatty.  (uproxx)

Jack White’s new song and video.  Dude’s on something, and he better share it.  (buzzfeed)

In honor of Black History Month, David Alan Grier (a personal fave) creates a very special Charlie Brown special to help spread the word.  (buzzfeed)

And lastly, one of the sweetest Valentine’s Day videos I have ever seen.  (youtube)

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