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January 27, 2012



No barkin’ from the dog, no smog, and mama cooked a breakfast with no hog: Today, January 27th, was the actual “good day” Ice Cube was singing about.  (buzzfeed)

Worry not, fatties: it’s also National Chocolate Cake Day, which is weird because “chocolate cake” was Ice Cube’s childhood nickname.  (huffingtonpost)

In sad news, The Sweat Hogs have lost one of their very own.  Unfortunately, it was not Vinnie Barbarino or Horshack (or even Freddie “Boom-Boom” Washington, for that matter): RIP, Epstein.  Signed, Epstein’s Mother.  (cnn)

Apparently Demi Moore collapsed this week after smoking something like Spice or Saliva.  She may be the coolest 50-year-old actress today.  (screenjunkies)

Every episode of Dr. Who, from 1963 to now, in under 10 minutes.  Back then, it was okay to use the term “tardis”.  (youtube)

There’s a fifth Terminator movie coming out.  Hopefully they’ll use the brilliant marketing idea of incorporating the number “5″ in the title, resulting in something like, 5ermina5o5 5.  (movieweb)

Since Dwight Schrute was really the funniest character on “The Office” (let’s be real here) it only make sense they would give him his own spin-off.  Y’know, since spin-offs are always so successful.  (deadline)

Probably the coolest and comfiest fashion creation in awhile, the dress pant/sweat pant hybrid.  Now you can look good while lounging in your own filth!  (geekologie)

Jeff Who Lives at Home is apparently took the cliff notes of every indie flick and rolled them all into one giant aww-fest.  I guarantee it’s a thousand times better than Juno, still.  (filmdrunk)

Asshole high schooler or genius?  You be the judge.   (regretfulmorning)

I thought the past 30 years of “Max trying to lose his virginity” was the longest running experiment, but apparently he has been eclipsed by one running even longer.  (dailywhat)

The best part about beer can art is emptying those cans.  (uncoached)

Here are some Batman trading cards from 1966 created by Norman Saunders, probably best known for his “Mars Attacks!” artwork.  And they’re GD awesome.  (comicsalliance)

Here’s a gallery of posters of the hottest 80s babes.  Doesn’t anybody knock anymore??!  (worldwideinterweb)

20 awesomest pieces of van art.  Hey, you like candy?  You need a ride anywhere?  I know where there’s a free bike, I’ll take you there!  Just get inside…  (heavy)

These are girls dressed as Leeloo from The Fifth Element.  That is all.  (evilmilk)

A cool idea, if not one that’s about 20 years too late: Power Ranger hoodies!  (geekologie)

Stop the presses:  Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock possibly to tour together, creating a loud, raspy-voiced vortex we may be drawn into and never be able to escape.  (smokingsection)

New Avengers pics!  Have at ‘em, nerds.  (filmdrunk)

Have you ever wanted to see a short film Jim Henson made in 1963 about a jerk robot?  Of course you have!  (youtube)

Nic Cage wants to do Wicker Man as Japanese ghost?  Of course he does.  (iwatchstuff)

“The Barefoot Bandit” Colton Harris-Moore, modern adventurist, gets 6 years in prison.  His new nickname?  ”The Broken Butthole”.  (cnn)

Conan O’Brien shows us something we’ve never wanted to see: Guy Fieri eating in reverse.  How about Guy Fieri living in fast forward?  Like, x10 fast forward?  (buzzfeed)

Official Amazing Spiderman synopsis!  You know, if you care!  (iwatchstuff)

A Xbox-360 controller that dispenses Hot Pockets.  Look, man, nerds don’t need an easier way to get fatter; they’ve been doing fine on their own for decades.  (gammasquad)

6 hugely popular products originally created for other uses.  (mentalfloss)

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