Mish Mash!

January 24, 2012


Hold on to your cocks and prepare for some mind-fuckery:  The 84th Academy Awards nominations!  Damn, you old Oscar!  (iwatchstuff)

Michel Gondry directed a Japanese commercial, almost causing a what-the-fuck? blackhole.  Oversized body parts?  Check.  Manic laughing Japanese kid?  Check.  Confusion as to what exactly is being sold?  Check.  (youtube)

Leprosy organizations are apparently so offended by the new claymation film The Pirates! that the filmmakers have removed said offending scenes.  Look, people already don’t wanna hang out with you because you’re lepers; don’t make it worse by being prickly assholes, too.  (deadline)

Speaking of the Academy Awards, Oscar-winner Diablo Cody talks about her new film, an adaptation of the Sweet Valley High books.  Sounds like Oscar material to me!  (guardian)

Perfect segue: 8 actors who’ve never been nominated for an Oscar.  Food for thought, dear committee.  (buzzfeed)

Liam Neeson’s new film, The Grey, is not about his pubic thatch as I had previously assumed.  (iwatchstuff)

If you’ve ever wanted to fuck your iPad — and I know you have, you sick fucks —  now is your sad, pathetic chance to do so.  Goodbye, cruel world.  (filmdrunk)

I have always said “never give white trash money”, but I never said I wouldn’t watch a reality show about it.  (youtube)

54 amazing, mind-blowing uses for binder clips.  This will change your life.  (buzzfeed)

New Avengers photos for your geeky enjoyment.  (iwatchstuff)

Overweight, sweaty, coked-out comedian Tracy Morgan collapsed this week at Sundance.  Meanwhile, the pope wore a big hat and a bear shit in the woods.  (hollywoodreporter)

Henry Cavill is your new Superman.  (iwatchstuff)

Awesome and creative installation that I’d love to have in my apartment.  (laughingsquid)

Have you ever wondered what a superhero smells like?  It’s probably like adrenaline, stoicism and black pepper.  Here’s your chance to smell like one with none of that saving the day monkey business.  (nerdbastards)

Australian McDonald’s now spraying criminals with DNA.  The same DNA that’s all over the hands of that teenager who made your Big Mac.  (escapistmagazine)

Scientists say G-spot does not actually exist!  My tired, cramping fingers thank you.  (huffingtonpost)

These new polo shirts are bullet-proof.  Good for all those suburban dads out there who have dissed their homies.  (ohgizmo)

And here I thought all weed was green.  Silly me!  (brobible)

50 worst dressed celebrities.  Max’s doppelganger Bruce Vilanch for the win!  (complex)

This fake trailer for an “FDR vs. Werewolves” flick gets the Adam Rifkin treatment.  Speaking of: Adam, make this film a reality.  (youtube)

Buffalo wing…cupcakes?  I don’t know if I’d eat these even if I still ate meat.  (buzzfeed)

Andy Samberg and Rashida Jones are in a rom-com.  Eh, better than Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston.  (filmdrunk)

And lastly, in honor of Paula Deen, a chocolate cupcake stuffed with and Oreo and a peanut butter cup.  (buzzfeed)

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