Mish Mash!

January 18, 2012


This weeks Mish Mash is brought to you by the awesomeness of internet piracy.


Let’s start this off with something topical: 30 years ago, Jack Valentini and the MPAA didn’t want the VCR to exist out of piracy fears.  The bigwigs have got to hate it when they lose.  (forbes)

Kristen Wiig says no to Bridesmaids 2, removing extraneous “i” from her last name.  (eonline)

Beloved children’s author Cormac McCarthy wrote his first spec script.  I smell metaphors dealing with the passing of time and aging!  (deadline)

Haley Joel Osment stars in the new movie, Sassy Pants.  If he doesn’t utter the line “I see gay people”, then I want nothing to do with it.  (iwatchstuff)

In a questionable move that can only be attributed to senility, Chuck Norris is pushing for a PG-13 rating on The Expendables 2.  Someone get Grandpa his pills.  (indiewire)

In related news: The Total Recall remake is pushing for a PG-13 rating, as well.  They do realize the original was Rated X at one point, right?  (filmdrunk)

This just in: George Lucas whispers retirement.  This also just in:  George Lucas hungry for attention.  This also just in: George Lucas also hungry for Hot Pockets.(nytimes)

Creepy humanoid robot jokes about keeping us fleshies in human farms.  Ha!  (youtube)

Mark Wahlberg says he could’ve prevented 9/11.  He also claims he doesn’t masturbate.  Coincidence?  Yes, probably.  (filmdrunk)

Astronauts in danger of their own farts, apparently.  In space, no one can hear you fart; talk about silent but deadly!  I’ll be here all week, folks.  (gammasquad)

17 Angelfire pages that still exist.  I don’t understand what’s so weird about this.  Is there something funny about a free, reliable, personal webpage provider?(buzzfeed)

One Balrog Burger coming up:  Capcom to open Capcom-themed restaurant.  Tastes 16-bitty.  (geekologie)

Hanksy is easily the best street artist parodying Banksy right now.  (uproxx)

A Muay Thai fighter kicks the shit out of a banana tree.  Some of you may ask, “why?”  I ask, “why doesn’t spellcheck recognize the word ‘Muay’?”  (dailywhat)

In what is probably the only time I’ll ever post a link to the NASA website: an image of all the trees in the U.S., using space-based radar.  Pretty cool stuff.  (nasa)

A camera from the inside of a car that crashed while going 130MPH.  Thankfully there was no camera in this dude’s underwear.  (youtube)

Big art rules.  (thechive)

10 horrible and unexpected tattoo consequences.  #11?  Getting a tattoo from the dude below.  (ranker)

The absolute worst tattoo artist, ever.  Ever.  Ever.  (iheartchaos)

If Saved By the Bell had an unnecessary “woo”-track, it would become an episode of Maury.  (youtube)

The new “if I die” app will help us look like egotistical a-holes with overinflated senses of worth and importance even after death.  (geekologie)

And lastly, cute girls giving dogs boners.  Naturally.  (regretfulmorning)

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