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January 16, 2012


Raise your right hand if you have no idea what the fuck is going on.

This year’s Golden Globes winners.  If you’re not a mom, you won’t care.  And if you are a mom, you already know who won.  (iwatchstuff)

In lieu of the recent Golden Globes, Quentin Tarantino (QT) announces his favorite films of 2011.  This dude used to work at Video Archives.  (iwatchstuff)

Much like the Arrested Development and Party Down movie rumors, if this Beetlejuice 2 thing turns out to be just careless gossip, I’m going to be one sad, little lamb.  (mtv)

Fuck yeah, heads blowing up!  (youtube)

Steven Spielberg’s movies ranked.  You’re gonna need a bigger list.  (nerve)

Fantastic Four reboot almost has new director.  And I almost care.  (iwatchstuff)

Olivia Munn is to nerd what Carlos Mencia is to Mexican.  Alas, she posed for PETA and is semi nude, so I’ll give her a pass for now.  (wwtdd)

When I first the header for this video, “drinking 3 beers with no hands in 37 seconds”, I didn’t think it a big deal.  Until I realized he was opening the beer bottles with his goddamn teeth.  (buzzfeed)

Hack/Slash has found a director!  Unfortunately, it’s Marcus Nispel.  (hollywoodreporter)

Collegehumor is making a movie, which isn’t that big of a deal, but the cast and crew — which includes Glenn “Always Sunny” Howerton, Steve “Eastbound and Down” Little, Josh “I’m an opera singer and apparently funny” Groban, Ben “Jean-Ralphio” Schwartz, and writer Brad “Arrested Development” Copeland — sounds really promising.  (filmdrunk)

Green Hornet cost $120M to make and bombed.  Green Lantern cost $200M and bombed.  Here’s to hoping Green Arrow will be a low-budget indie romcom. (deadline)

Pointless story: This past Halloween, I went to New Orleans for the first time in my life.  It was pure insanity.  I saw some of the TV on the Radio dudes walking down the street, and I saw Steve Zahn on a bike.  Anyway, Will Ferrell, Jason Sudeikis and Zach Galifianakis are filming a movie there now.  New Orleans is a magical place.  (nolamovies)

As a kid, chocolate milk and cartoons are all I needed to get by.  The days stretched on forever!  How I miss those times.  (thechive)

Funny driver’s license photos.  (worldwideinterweb)

Though we don’t support or endorse LMFAO, we certainly support and endorse He-Man.  (youtube)

Movie clips mashed up to the tune of Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello”?  Sure, why not.  (highdefinite)

Bacon linked to cancer?!  Get right outta town!  Next thing you’re gonna tell me is cigarettes are bad for you, too.  (guardian)

There’s a new smartphone feature in the works that allows users to avoid high-crime and bad-weather areas, and it’s causing an uproar.  Call me old-fashioned, but I think a hurricane drive-by builds character.  (washingtonpost)

The first video ever posted to Youtube!  I bet it has tons of intelligent and insightful comments.  (youtube)

For those of you who would like to eat unicorn shit, here you go.  (geekologie)

Coolest thing at the Consumer Electronics Show?  You decide.  Personally, that 3-speed buttplug was my favorite.  (youtube)

And lastly, the 20 funniest moments in mayonnaise history.  Naturally.  (worldwideinterweb)

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