Mish Mash

April 2, 2011


In honor of that majestic body of silken locks, the Kentucky Waterfall, here are 20 kids with mullets.  (heavy)

Pictures of fridges stocked to the brim with alcohol.  This is beer porn.  (djmick)

My personally most anticipated film release this year, Hobo with a Shotgun, has a new red-band trailer.  Fuck yes.  (filmdrunk)

A new Batman reboot is in the works after this current one wraps.  Y’know, ’cause Christopher Nolan did such a terrible job with it, and all.  (latimes)

World War Z back on?  More like World War ZzzZzz.  Because it’s taking so long to be released.  Get it?  Forget it, jerks.  (deadline)

Speaking of movie that are taking forever, The Rum Diary.  More like The Snooze Diary.  Okay, that one wasn’t as good.  (cinemablend)

Bill Murray to play FDR in a movie?  Sounds like your basic Cinderella story.  (nymag)

When comic books cover serious issues and fail.  Don’t do drugs; do hugs.  (cracked)

Pop songs made creepy by films.  Let’s be honest; these songs were creepy anyway.  (moviefone)

Gangsta James Franco + Harmony Korine + naked chicks = awesome.  Harmony Korine, the comeback kid!(nymag)

Apparently this 12-year-old is smarter than Albert Einstein.  Yeah, well, I bet I’ve seen more girls naked.  (geekologie)

The world’s largest…  (weburbanist)

A tribute to cinematic pigtails, natures handles.  (screenjunkies)

More cutesy bottle caps for your wine.  But if you’re not finishing the bottle at once, you’re missing the point of wine.  (popdeluxe)

If you dug a hole straight down, where would you end up?  This map will tell you.  A must have for any 8-year-old trying to escape the tyrannical empire known as “home”.  (talleye)

The Hangover 2 trailer.  Meh.  (youtube)

Childhood cartoons presented in a more realistic way is pretty creepy.  (unrealitymag)

Edible candy pens?  I hope they taste better than the Bics I’ve been eating for the last 10 years.  (geekologie)

Add to the Nerd City wishlist: a professional home brewing kit.  And I do mean professional.  (uncrate)

Packing tape art.  Looks cool, sounds sticky.  (geekologie)

People be smacking wimmins in movies, yo.  (filmdrunk)

Credits to every episode of Police Squad.  (snotr)

A machete-launching gun.  For when you want to really fuck someone up and bullets just won’t cut it.  Ha!  I said “cut”.  (geekologie)

6 of the best beer festivals in the US.  Bottoms up!  (uncoached)

So these weird bean things apparently keep your coffee the perfect temperature.  Isn’t that what styrofoam cups are for?  (geekologie)

And lastly, The Big Lebowski board game?  I would definitely abide by that.  (samzo)

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