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August 21, 2010


Former Nerd City guest Steve Seeley was mentioned in an online article by former Nerd City guest Brian Warmoth.  Coincidence?  I think not.  P.S.: ain’t Steve the coolest?!  (comicsalliance)

Q: what’s better than Indiana Jones 4?  A: Indiana Jones 5?  Yes, I know that answer was in the form of a question.  It’s because I’m fucking confused.  (joblo)

More conjectural casting news: one of these 6 girls could play the new Mary Jane.  I’ll get back to you when they’ve whittled it down to 5.  (gammasquad)

Paramount signed a couple writers to the new TMNT reboot.  Y’know, because that one a couple years ago did so well.  (deadline)

Give me your tired, your poor.  Your huddled masses yearning to eat fat.  America presents: The Burger King “Whopper Pizza”.  (thisiswhyyourefat)

Lindsay Lohan is like America’s terrible girlfriend: she’s annoying, mean, nothing but trouble, and you’re not really sure why you’re with her.  So you break up with her.  But then one night a couple weeks later she calls you and asks if you wanna watch some T.V., and you reluctantly agree, trying only to be a stand-up guy.  And when you go over, she looks fucking amazing.  And you guys watch T.V., and share some old jokes, and you think, “Maybe she’s changed.  Maybe we can give this another shot.”  And you end up making out and maybe fucking.  And things are great for about 2 weeks.  But then she turns into a piece of shit again and you realize why you broke up in the first place.  What I’m trying to say is, here are some photos of Lindsay promoting Machete.  (popoholic)

13 terrifying movie teeth.  Oh come on, where is Shane MacGowan?  (premiere)

Look, I’ve never been one to support the lionization of “weird” hip-hop acts like Outkast or Cee-lo because there are far weirder, more creative dudes in the game who’ve been doing longer and still haven’t gotten the true recognition they deserve (Kool Keith, anyone?); to me, the aforementioned acts are nothing but slick, MTV-ready acts labeling their pop as “art”; I have taste, I don’t buy into it.  That being said, this new Cee-Lo song is pretty fucking good.  But just remember: it is not art; despite it’s use of “fuck”, it is entirely safe.  (youtube)

Oh, Alfred E. Neuman.  You had me at “What, me worry?” Some classic Mad Magazine covers for you to enjoy.  (egotvonline)

Tim Burton is moving ahead with his Addams Family movie.  No word yet on who Helena Bonham Carter will play.  (deadline)

Inside the homes of actual, real-life supervillains.  Y’know, like Stalin and shit.  (darkroastedblend)

This just in: Fred Armisen split with his wife and is now banging castmate Abby Elliott.  Fred is one lucky bastard.  And Abby is lucky, too, that she looks nothing like her father, Chris.  (warmingglow)

I haven’t added any requests to the Nerd City “want list” in a long while, but I’m updating it right now: t-shirt cannon?  Add that fucker.  (tshirtgun)

The dude who directed Twilight: Eclipse will probably direct the new Wolverine movie.  Makes sense.  (nymag)

10 widely believed video game urban legends.  My favorite is the one about the escaped mental patient who has a hook for a hand.  (unrealitymag)

Artist Kenny Keils took several recognizable rap/hip-hop album covers and redid them, this time using classic comic characters.  Kenny Keils better watch his fucking back, yo.  (comicsalliance)

The 5 most ridiculous martial arts movies ever made.  Holy shit, these look awesome! A corpse getting a boner?  Sold.  (cracked)

An infographic on the top 12 movies that contain the most uses of the word “fuck”.  Seriously guys, what’s with these infographics?  Oh, sorry…what’s with these fucking infographics?  (flavorwire)

People do some weird shit to catch a buzz, but I’d have to draw the line at huffing fermented human shit.  Well, depends on how fucked up it gets you.  (thesmokingjacket)

And lastly, I present to you the “Snazzy Napper”, a real (sad) product.  I’m not sure what’s more pathetic: the fact that this company thinks people care about being completely shielded while they nap, or that a sheep wearing sunglasses makes said shielded nap look cool.  (snazzynapper)

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