Comic Books You Should Be Reading: Vol. 1

August 17, 2010


Hello intertubes. I present to you, Nerd City’s first ever “Comic Books You Should be Reading” by Max Minor. In no particular order:

1. Tales Designed to Thrizzle

Written by comic (no pun intended) genius Michael Kupperman (who also contributed to the kick-ass Marvel Strange Tales anthology), “Tales Designed to Thrizzle” is hilarious, with a sort of “Red Meat” meets Mad Magazine vibe. Featuring riotous fake ads, and strips like “Snake and Bacon”, TDTT is subversive, twisted and awesome.

With the” can comic books be funny?” debate ever-raging, “Tales Designed to Thrizzle” answers a glorious “Yes!”

2. Breathers

Perhaps unknown to our coastal Nerd brethren, “Breathers” by Wisconsinite Justin Madson, is one of the best written, most unique independent comic books I have ever read. With haunting art and an intriguing, conspiracy-driven plot, “Breathers” tells the tale of an American society forced to wear masks outdoors, as a mysterious virus plagues the air…or is it all a hoax? Told in inter-locking vignettes, “Breathers” is interesting and intelligent, and reasonably local, which is bad-ass.

With a “Breathers” film in the works, and the next issue concluding the series, this is a great time to discover this book before your stupid friends do.

3. Four Eyes

Written by Joe Kelly (most recently of “I Kill Giants Fame”) with art by Max Fiumara, (my name is Max!) ‘Four Eyes” is the story of a boy thrown in to the dangerous world of dragons fighting for money in Depression-era New York, and it is as awesome as it sounds. I actually heard about the book @ the Image panel duringĀ  San Diego Comic Con, and after checking it out, I was super impressed. Dragons as subject matter is always a bit delicate, but Kelly and co. nails it. Atmospheric, and well-written, “Four Eyes” is a welcome respite from the capes and tights scene.

So yeah…there it is, the first ever “Comics You Should be Reading” by Max Minor.

Get all of them, yes, all of them @ the universe’s greatest comic book store: Chicago Comics.

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