Happy Whiplash Day!

August 16, 2010


That’s right! The day has finally arrived for the release of the highly-anticipated Whiplash figure from Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Classics line. This guy looks like not only a great approximation of the original vintage figure, but he will also come with an alternate head and weapon that will essentially turn him into a 200X-style version of the figure.

At this point, I usually would share with you a video review of this figure from our man, Pixel Dan. However, because of SDCC, Mattel was a bit getting out review copies of these figures, and he hasn’t even received his yet.However, Action Figure Insider has some great pics up of the figure right here.

It’s certainly also worth mentioning that today’s sale will also include a reissue of Trap Jaw, who is most definitely one of the coolest figures in the line.

To get your very own Whiplash, head over here at Matty Collector at noon EST today.

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