Len Kody’s “Master Jesus” pages 12-14!

August 15, 2010

Everything, Master Jesus

Are you ready to rock out with your cross out?  The next pages from Len Kody’s epic webcomic “Master Jesus” are ready for you.  So go on, grab your favorite carpenter, get some bread, and enjoy pages 12-14 below!  If you’ve missed the first 11 pages, their posts can be found here.

Bitten by a radioactive deity, mild-mannered carpenter Jesus of Nazareth gained the proportionate strength, speed, and agility of the Holy Spirit.  He became: MASTER JESUS!  After years of training by the eastern masters in the deadly martial arts and guided by his mentor, the wise and eccentric John the Baptist, Master Jesus must now bring all his Kung Fu skills to bear to aid the beautiful and mysterious Mary Magdalene in a secret mission that will bring him toe to with the allied forces of Heaven, Hell, Church, and State!  But the Master Jesus is not alone in his quest because the Twelve Ninja Apostles got his back.

Aw yeah!  Judas Iscariot is cool but rude, Master Jesus is a party dude!

Full creator bios after the jump!

Len Kody is a comics writer/producer based in Chicago.  His current work includes the “Chicago:1968″ webcomic for Shadowline, Jim Valentino’s imprint at Image Comics.  He also writes “Sky Wolf” comics for Moonstone Books‘ Airfighters series.

Steve Bialik is a cartoonist from Brooklyn, NY. His work has been featured in the graphic novel “Minister Jade”, as well as DC Comics’ Zuda.com. His Samurai Star Wars series was recently featured on Buzzfeed.com as well as many other websites.

Letters by Kurt Hathaway.

MASTER JESUS, copyright 2010, Len Kody and Steve Bialik.  Published by Nerd City with permission.

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