mish mash (san diego edition)

July 22, 2010


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This will be the last Mish Mash until after the ‘Con, so until then be sure to check cnn.com for all your hip and nerdy internet news.  Now here’s a word from Nerd City’s own Diamond Dave, wishing you all a safe and happy ‘Con!  Bosey bosey BOP, biddy bop!

Seriously, if you see any of these Westboro Baptist fuckers at the SDCC, jump them and tell them Nerd City sent you.  (ranker)

The Hangover 2 to be set in Thailand.  You guys, look — I’m not afraid to be the one to say The Hangover really wasn’t that funny.  Sure, a throwaway line here and there.  But you dummies acted like it was a sequel to Fandango.  If you don’t get the reference, you’re dead to me.  No one puts Costner in the corner.  (comingsoon)

Rumor has it the new Batman villain is going to be the Riddler.  Much to my dismay, the role will not be reprised by a pitch-perfect, orange flat-topped, totally subtle Jim Carrey.  (gammasquad)

Do you like when books are made into film?  Do you love Beatles songs that sound like they belong at a Ren Faire?  Can you relate to tales of adolescence set in 1960s Tokyo?  Are you fluent in Japanese?  If so, you’ll love the new trailer for Norwegian Wood.  (youtube)

From the Memory Lane Dept.: Classic Big League Chew wrappers.  Boy, I miss my youth.  (totalprosports)

From the Memory Lane Dept.: The world of strange, discontinued cereal boxes.  (weburbanist)

And yet more of my youth: When I was a little kid drawing pictures of the villains I would make-up in my mind, the two things I always loved to accentuate them with were huge muscles and nasty scars.  So I can appreciate this list of cool movie scars.  (premiere)

7 terrifying prehistoric animals that still exist today.  For example: The elderly.  (cracked)

Probably Not a Good Idea Dept.: homemade improvised weapons.  Look, I’m not saying they don’t look awesome — they do — but come on guys.  This isn’t The Road.  It’s not Mad Max.  You don’t need to make a shotgun/hacksaw/blowtorch combo in your garage just yet.  (thebrigade)

Sometimes human beings can be so strange and sad all at once that you don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  Grown men, who are still closeted homosexuals, looking for JO buddies on Craigslist will stir up that confusing heartbroken laughter inside you.  (buzzfeed)

40 sexiest comic book covers of all time.  Depends on your definition of sexy.  Me?  I prefer a redhead with huge jugs.  (manofest)

4 health problems caused by modern living.  Well jeez…what with the unnecessarily large and deep-friend foods, the oil spils, the digital drugs, the laziness instilled by convenience, drinking alcohol rectally — pretty much anything post-2000 — whatever could they be talking about?  (holytaco)

More from the Probably Not a Good Idea Dept.: the world’s deadliest bullets (like saying ‘the world’s most frozen ice’) available for purchase on the internet! Seriously guys, c’mon.  I’d love if these bullets turned out to be made of lime jello, but they’re not.  You know where these are gonna end up, don’t you?  In the hands of some of those creepy egg-headed bastards from Alien Nation.  (extremeshockusa)

Popping a Healthy Choice in the microwave or putting a pizza in the oven is so last year.  What’s the new thing to do?  Get a Digital Food Printer! Sure you have to replace the cartridges (which are only available on this one website), and if it jams you’re totally screwed, and if you run out of one ingredient, you pretty much can’t make anything.  But hey, it’s way better than all that tedious, backbreaking labor you’d have to go through otherwise, right?  (geekologie)

Who cares if this 17-year-old traded a cellphone for a Porsche.  You know what I was driving when I was 17?  A ’93 Nissan Sentra.  Aww yeeeeah! (yahoo)

Who cares if this 15-year-old tricked Apple into selling an illegal app.  You know what I was doing when I was 15?  Masturbing.  A lot.  Aww yeeeeah! (dvice)

And lastly, some may say this new college course to teach nerds how to flirt is pointless, frivolous.  But to those naysayers I ask: do you know what it’s like to make-out with your pillow?  I thought not.  (geekologie)

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