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July 17, 2010


No, that’s not Max and Ben in the above picture as you may have believed.  It’s first shots of the new Pegg/Frost film, Paul. Or is it Max and Ben?  I’m confused.  (slashfilm)

Here’s a trailer for the new Ben Affleck-directed film, The Town.  For a crime drama it sure sounds like a Stephen King book.  I mean, who robs a bank dressed as the Grim Reaper, seriously?  I wouldn’t be surprised if this film is set in Castle Rock.  (youtube)

Here’s a comicbook prequel to Inception, in case you wanna ruin every surprise in the movie.  (gammasquad)

First look at the Sucker Punch girls.  I’d let ‘em sucker punch me.  Only if I can donkey pun–okay, I’ll stop, sorry.  (iwatchstuff)

Someone finally invented eyeglasses that people can correct to fit their own vision.  It only took 726 years.  Seems like we could have solved that problem a little sooner.  But I’ll admit, I’m going to miss the test where they blast you in the eye with a shot of air.  (dvice)

A “teaser” (that’s being generous) for Tommy Wiseau’s new…film?  I’m not even sure if this is supposed to be real.  That dude is such a weirdo, who knows.  All I know is the title: The House That Drips Blood On Alex.  Way to be specific.  (atom)

Have fun exploring this little time waster.  It’s entertaining enough, but is this seriously what graphic designers and web designers are spending $50,000 on school for?  (nails)

Street Fighter-inspired Nike’s, eh?  I fail to see how a basic white or blue sneaker has any connection to the video game, but whatevs.  So what, purple sneakers are inspired by Grimace?  (albotas)

From the “I Learned It From Watching You, Dad” Dept.: digital drugs.  As in ‘sounds that make you high’.  I’m coining the term “ear candy” right here, right now.  But of course, Nerd City provides.  Here’s a sample for you.  Come back tomorrow for more if you like it.  And don’t tell your parents where you got it, either.  (newson6)

America may be the land of giant, unnecessary foods, but China is definitely the land of giant, unnecessary what-the-fucks (and of course Japan is the land of giant, unnecessary gameshows).  Example: China’s life-sized Optimus Prime.  (slashfilm)

You know how sometimes you’ll come up with a clever/funny idea with your buddies, but then stop talking about it the next day when you’ve sobered up and realize how impractical it is?  The bottle-opener shirt is exactly like that, only the dudes didn’t chalk it up to “drunken brainstorming”.  Which they should have.  Because I implore you — nay, I triple-dog implore you — to try safely and easily opening a bottle of beer with the front of some drunk dickhead’s shirt.  Just sayin’.  (uberreview)

10 best movie swordfights.  I once knew a chick who loved swordfights.  In her mou–okay, I’ll stop, sorry.  (onlyknives)

Inspired by the release of Inception, here are a list of “WTF??” movies.  I think Speed 2: Cruise Control needs to be added to the list.  I’ve still yet to wrap my head around that bruiser.  (insidemovies)

5 Minutes to Kill Yourself.  I loved this game when it first came out, but now apparently it’s bigger and better.  You won’t find a better timewaster, I guarantee.  (adultswim)

I take it back: is THIS what graphic design students are spending $50,000 at school on?  The ABCs of video games.  (capinaremos)

And lastly, animals say the darndest things.  Like woof.  And meow.  And moo.  Shit like that.  Anyway, here are some pictures of animals doing what they do best: be haplessly cute.  (thechive)

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