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July 1, 2010


Some guy named Judd Apatow is producing some movie about a guy named Pee-Wee Herman.  Whoever those dudes are.  Probably won’t be very funny.  (deadline)

Paranormal Activity 2 has a trailer.  And if you want a movie shot completely on security cameras, you’re in luck!  (youtube)

Speaking of trailers, how about that candy-coated abortion Rango?  Yeah, it looks pretty, but so does that tranny that lives in my building.  And I learned my lesson, trust me.  Twice.  (youtube)

Wonder Woman, who is 69 (the sexiest number), got a very unsexy makeover.  I wanna see some sagging titties!  Not some outdated business-casual attire.  (nytimes)

Hey Edgar Wright, everyone knows Scott Pilgrim is coming out, trust me.  Now why don’t you start work on that Ant-Man flick already?  (boxofficemagazine)

If you have some spare time and a small child nearby, I highly suggest reading this article about the 100 most disturbing films of all time.  My Netflix queue just got a whole lot longer.  (gunaxin)

Everyone hates Hitler?  Well, I find that hard to believe.  (adultswim)

R.I.P. Party Down, we hardly knew ye.  (deadline)

I despise all things Star Wars, but for you total geeks out there, here are some audio clips from a hotline that existed back in the 80′s that you could call…you know, if you were into that sorta shit.  (starwars)

Apparently David Fincher read my prior post about Die Antwoord, because he’s like ‘em too, now.  (nymag)

Rubikcubism is…overwhelming.  I mean, I could do it if I wanted to….I just don’t want to.  (weburbanist)

Got an iPhone and an obessesion with movie trivia?  Then download this app, you bastard.  Then explain to me why the mascot is some weird cross between Rush Limbaugh and James Madison.  (apple)

If you need a reason to claw your eyes and tug your hair out, read this list of the top 20 biggest financial film failures and their directors’ post-failure career.  It’s enough to make ya spit.  HEY!  I said spit.  Pull your pants up.  (pajiba)

6 laws that were great on paper and insane everywhere else.  For example, the law which states that oral sex is illegal is several states, including Florida, Rhode Island, Arizona, and Minnesota, which, incidentally, are places I will never, ever live.  (cracked)

These 9 animals are apparently “secretly badass”, though I find nothing secretive about a shark or spider being badass.  Hell, look at all the tattoos that include spiders or sharks.  I know they’re tough.  This list, however, omits one of the most badass animals of all time:  this guy right here.  (guyism)

Hi.  I’m an illegal alien who just spent 10 uncomfortable hours hiding inside of a secret console behind the glovebox of this car.  I know!  It doesn’t even make sense, but somehow I fit.  True, I’m covered in burns from the engine, and my back is completely fucked, but at least I made it!  Oh, I can’t stay?  Welp, back in the ol’ glovebox!  (uncoached)

8 things Twilight has ruined.  Number 1?  Everything. (uproxx)

I like the way these Lollywood execs think when it comes to marketing their films: “No, no.  That doesn’t make any sense.  How about we have a guy holding his own decapitated head instead?  Yeah, much better.  Alright, now let’s get some lunch.  The gulab jamun is on me.”  (thebizarre)

And finally, a woman in Colorado says she crashed her car trying to avoid a vampire.  There’s so much wrong with this story, but I can’t help but think that if I were in her shoes, I’d probably panic and crash the car, too.  Vampires are scary!  (9news)

Aaaand, just for good measure, “Heterosexual Man”, by The Odds.  Starring The Kids in the Hall.  Because why not?  (youtube)

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