MOTUC Zodark Custom by Skeletortilla

May 5, 2010


Been wondering what you could do with that awesome new neon purple Cosmic Enforcer armor and gear from the MOTUC weapons pack? member Skeletortilla came up with a really cool solution with his Zorark custom figure.

Zodark is a really inventive reuse of existing parts. The custom is essentially a Zodak head and boots, a Webstor body, and the aforementioned Cosmic Enforcer armor and gear from the new MOTUC weapons pack. Of course, the head and belt were repainted, as well as the star pattern on his body.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering what paint matches that purple armor, Skeletortilla used Apple Barrel brand Neon Purple with just a bit of white added to lighten it up.

Very cool.  Very Captain Mar-Vell!

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