tea with tyson (mike)

May 2, 2010


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I’m not one to use the acronym WTF (I mean, what, am I 15-year-old girl?  Don’t answer that.)  But rules are meant to be broken, so let me be the first to say WTF when it comes to this video.  Seriously though, what the fuck is going on?  Here’s all I do know: the video is of Reese Waters and Mike Tyson sharing breakfast rituals over a cup of tea; Reese Waters is a comedian, and Mike Tyson was a boxer.  Obviously this is meant to be funny, and it is.  Very, very funny.  In fact, it blows Tyson’s performance in The Hangover out of the fucking water.  Let’s hope to see more from Reese and Mike.

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    One Response to “tea with tyson (mike)”

    1. coop Says:

      My first thought when seeing this was that it might have been inspired by Andy Kaufman’s film “My Breakfast with Blassie”, where Andy and pro wrestler Freddie Blassie have a discussion while eating breakfast in a restaurant.