Dreams Burn Down and Beautiful Miasma Opening Tonight at Rotofugi

April 30, 2010


Hoo-ray!  It’s time for another opening at the Rotofugi Gallery!  Tonight’s opening will feature two shows: Dreams Burn Down by Ken Keirns and Beautiful Miasma by Jimmy Pickering. Prepare yourselves for a lot of amazing paintings.  Nerd City will be there, so should you!

From Rotofugi:

Ken Keirns is a Northern California artist who grew up in Flint, Michigan. After spending nearly a decade in Chicago, Ken moved out West in late 2007 to paint full-time and complain about the lack of snow. While his primary focus has been working with oil paint, he has been known to deliver the odd sculpture, toy prototype or mixed media piece. His recurrent subject matter revolves around cranially endowed women and monkeys interlaced with personal experiences, dreams, and the occasional bad pun. Ken’s education was in graphic design. He only took a few formal painting classes — he is mostly self-taught through research and trial & error.

Ken has had three very successful exhibitions at our gallery previously, and we’re excited to have him returning for another solo show! Don’t miss this one.

From Rotofugi:

From the artist… “i was raised in a trailer park and never really fit into my surroundings. my imagination and ability to draw allowed me an opportunity to escape a world of carports, shag carpets, faux wood paneling, and the hell of school bullies on a daily basis and started me on a road to creativity. as i grew i drew and as i drew i grew developing a style along the way inspired by animation, disneyland, star wars, and the works of mary blair, dr. seuss, and edward gorey. i studied film, character animation and production design/art direction to be precise, at california institute of the arts. there i met a new inspiration, my mentor bob winquist who’s brilliance made me see the world in a whole new way. his influence helped me to mold a unique creative vision and original style of my own, which lead me to work for some of the top creative companies in the world, walt disney imagineering, hallmark inc., universal studios, all, of which i am thankful to have been a part of. my career lead me down another path as an award winning artist, author and illustrator, with my work being seen in books, galleries, and theme parks around the world. it is amazing to think about and i am thankful and grateful for each and every experience. i live in a small coastal village on the oregon coast with my partner and our three dogs, pugsley, wednesday and jesse. i also have and affinity for the number 3; it is after all, the magic number.”

This will be Jimmy’s first exhibit at Rotofugi Gallery.

The opening will tonight(April 30th) from 7-10pm. The Rotofugi Gallery is located at1955 W Chicago Ave in Chicago.

For more info on The Rotofugi Gallery, including upcoming shows, go here.

To be cool like me and be on the Rotofugi Gallery preview list, sign up here.

For more on the work of Ken Keirns, check out his official site here.

And, for more from Jimmy Pickering, go to his official site here.

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