Jack Kirby/New Gods-Style Zodac Custom by Tim Seeley

April 28, 2010


Tim Seeley is, as they say, a prince among men.  At C2E2 this year, he was not only kind enough to contribute to Nerd City’s panel, but he also presented Max and I with two great gifts!  What I got is this awesome New Gods-style custom Zodac figure.  He combines my loves of both Jack Kirby’s Fourth World space opera and Mastersof the Universe.

What did Max get? Tri-Klops figure with a penis for a head.

Oh yeah, it should also be noted that when Tim Seeley isn’t making custom action figures, he’s also quite good at making comic books!  You should really check out his deviantART page here. Also, be sure to pick up Hack/Slash 32 (in stores today!).

And, if you’re a fan of things Kirby-esque, MOTU-esque and Seeley-esque, you will most certainly want to check out Tim’s web comic, Colt Noble and the Megalords here.

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    3 Responses to “Jack Kirby/New Gods-Style Zodac Custom by Tim Seeley”

    1. Mike Says:

      When do we get pics and a write up on Maxs figure?

    2. ben Says:

      “This penis figure totally rules. It totally fucking rules. It is the shit. Literally the shit.”

    3. punch888 Says:

      you know he won’t get that you’re making fun of him.