The Art of Jimbot

April 27, 2010


While at C2E2, I had the pleasure of being introduced to the amazingly talented Jimbot. Jim is an artist from Milwaukee who has an exceptionally traditionally skillful painting style but thematically deals with unconventional images like fantastical robots and monsters (you know, the good stuff!). His inspiration comes from comics, advertising, childhood memories, and cartoons (again, the good stuff!).  Another thing that really sets Jimbot’s work apart from his peers is a really cool lighthearted sense of humor that shows through in his work, counterbalancing the sometimes heavy emotional themes that he’s dealing with. Having been at it for some time now, Jimbot has an outstanding body of work that you simply must explore further whether on his site or the next time that he has a show at a gallery near you.

More pics and links after the jump.

For more from Jimbot, including the opportunity to purchase his art, please head over to his official site here.

For all of the latest news on Jimbot, check out his official blog here.

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    1. punch888 Says:

      buy me the second one? kthnxbi.