Nintendo News: Black Wii soon and Metroid Delays

April 27, 2010


Sad news today as Nintendo confirmed that the highly anticipated release of Metroid: Other M has been delayed. Originally scheduled for a June release, Metroid will now look to be available on August 31st. That date is odd as Nintendo usually does their big launches on Sundays and the 31st is a Tuesday, so there could be more delays coming. On the bright side though, Nintendo delays their games for a reason and that is to make sure they are near perfect once they get released so a 2 month delay wont be that bad.

On a happier news front, it is rumored that the Black Wii will be coming to America on May 29th. This is due to reports of listings at Gamestop, Target, Best Buy and other stores that will soon be taking pre-orders on the bundle. With the newly released black wiimotes and classic controllers, it just makes sense for Nintendo to release the Black Wii system in the states.
Black Wii New

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