More Graffiti-Style Art Customs by Hex Evo

April 26, 2010


I know that I’ve said this a million times before, but I absolutely love the concept of the vintage action figure/toy as a canvas for art.  No one does art like this better than Hex Evo.  His Pollock-esque use of graffiti-inspired design over these toys of his youth is exceptional in the sense that his pieces are not only visually striking, yet also manage to tell a story.  I think that this “Fat Chance” piece, based upon a vintage Spider-Man Kingpin figure, is particularly cool.

You’ve also got to respect the fact that Hex Evo isn’t just sticking strictly to action figures.  He’s also using their accessories as canvases, as in the case of this “Big Shot” piece, which is based on the massive G1 Transformers Fortress Maximus gun.

And finally, this awesome “Game of Love” piece is a commission that utilizes a Super Nintendo cartridge as its canvas.

More pics/links after the jump!

To check out Hex Evo’s original batch of graffiti-style customs, go here.

And, to see his amazing Lion in the Dark piece, go here.

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