Avalman the Volcano Monster WIP by Phil Reed

April 24, 2010


Volcano Kaiju, sir?  Yes, please.

Check out this insanely promising WIP sculpt by the one and only Phil Reed (the mastermind behind BattleGrip.com).  This concept was recently revealed on the Skullbrain message boards and is resulting in a lot of great conversation about what tricks/techniques that Phil can utilize in order to create a more rocky, volcano-like texture on this guy’s surface.  H

If you’ve got any ideas, feel free to leave them in the comments, or head over to this thread at the Skullbrain message boards.

How badass will this figure look, once the surface is all rocky and jagged and maybe some orange resin lava is added to the top?

And, for more from Phil Reed (who happens to have excellent taste in toys), check out his site, BattleGrip.com, right here.

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