Drew Brees is Now Officially Cursed.

April 23, 2010


Brees Curse
Well the bad news is that Jared Allen didn’t get selected for the cover of Madden 11, that honor went to Saints quarterback Drew Brees. It was pretty much a given that Drew would get the cover considering he won the Super Bowl last year, I just wish Jared could have had his chance to shine. On top of releasing the new cover design for next years game, EA has released the first trailer for Madden 11 as well. This year EA has worked to shorten the game and make things speedier so you spend less time in the playbook and more time on the filed. Going from 60min games to 30min games is the first step, followed by a condensed playbook. Now all this information is coming from the trailer and I don’t know the exacts on how this will impact gameplay if you don’t have a full playbook, but with how Madden has a hardcore following I don’t see them cutting out entire plays. My guess is that there will be an option to play under this quicker condensed mode or the classic way, but I could be wrong. Either way Madden 11 is set to be released on 8/10/2010 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii.

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