RealxHead x Onell Design x Dead Presidents x Callgrim GID Mini

April 22, 2010


Here are a couple of really cool limited-edition pieces coming out today from our friend, Dead Presidents, and the awesomeness that is RealxHead and Onell Design. I’m really impressed with these final images and Matt Walker’s (Dead Presidents) work is always top notch.  And, if you’re at all on the fence about these figures, each one comes with a one-of-a-kind mini painting!

From Onell Design:

The RealxHead Mini project continues! We are finally ready to roll out the Pheyden Mini after many tweaks and planning. This is a very special edition that is the combination of RealxHead, Dead Presidents, Callgrim and us. Matt Walker really put some amazing applications on these little guys and pushed the figure to another level. As usual, photos don’t do the finish total justice, but there is a ton going on when you see this one in hand. Mori’s design aesthetic is in full swing, blending up Pheyden with his classic style and form factor. I see these guys as almost “Hulked out” versions of the normal Glyos figures. As a special bonus, the Pheyden Mini has the addition of a movable waist as well as shoulders and neck!

To top off the this crazy collaboration, resident Art Warlord Jesse Moore has whipped up a batch of unique mini paintings to accompany each figure. He is also providing the production header card art. All of these mini paintings are one of a kind! One mini painting is included per figure.

Since this is the launch of what we hope is an ongoing figure line, we are also including a special fully painted (DP), interchangeable Sarvos head with every figure to mark the occasion. Numbers as usual are very limited. These will go on sale tomorrow, April 22nd, at 12 noon EST. The price will be $55 USD plus shipping.

To get your figures, head over to the Onell at noon EST today here.

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