Gears of War 3 Officially Announced

April 13, 2010


Last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Cliff Bleszinski officially announced that Gears of War 3 will be arriving on the Xbox 360 in April of next year. Gears of War is consistently one of Microsofts most profitable and popular game on the 360, so it really wasn’t a surprise that this was announced. This 3rd person shooter will look to conclude the story line from the previous two games and I would assume will probably play exactly like GOW and GOW2 with some modifications in gameplay to make any improvements needed from the first two games. There has been no gameplay footage, possibly we’ll see that at E3 this year, but the teaser video looks great just like the others that have been released for this series. Gears of War 3 will be exclusive for the Xbox 360.

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