Exclusive C2E2 Print from Joey Potts and Revise CMW

April 13, 2010


Mario and Donkey Kong are wasted!

This piece, entitled “Drunkey Kong”, from our friends Joey Potts and Revise CMW is only available at C2E2.  More specifically, it is only available from Nerd City’s booth (once again, that’s #865, kids!).

From Joey Potts:

In conjunction with Nerd City Online, Joey Potts and Revise CMW are releasing a limited edition, 2 color, hand pulled screen print for the C2E2 event in Chicago. Each print was  hand-screened by local Chicago printer Kill Hatsumomo Prints (www.killhatsumomoprints.com and killhatsumomo.etsy.com) and are signed by Joey Potts and Revise CMW.  $10.

Stop by the booth any time during the con to score your print.  But, if you’re really a big Joey Potts/Revise CMW fan (and who isn’t?), you’ll certainly want to be at the Nerd City booth (#865) on Saturday from 3-? for their live art extavaganza!

For more on Joey Potts, check out his official site here.

For more on Revise CMW, check out his official site here.

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