29 Unique Pinball Machines

April 12, 2010



Much like Pete Townshend, the Nerd City crew loves a good pinball machine (and a little kiddie porn – for “research”, of course!)  Loud and noisy with bright flashing lights, pinball machines are like going to Vegas, but for only a quarter.

That’s why you should CHECK THIS OUT, 29 out of the ordinary pinball machines.  Demolition Man?!  Tales From the Crypt?!  Good Morning America?!  Where are these machines?  I feel a high score coming on.

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    2 Responses to “29 Unique Pinball Machines”

    1. kris Says:

      WTF?? No Whirlwind, Funhouse, Adams Family, or Pinbot? These guys do not know their machines…

    2. Mike Says:

      Finally someone who agrees it’s just for research purposes as well.