Episode 84

April 7, 2010

Everything, Podcast

Nerd City covers the issues that concern you in your life.  We cover timely topics like the new Scott Pilgrim trailer, the looks of that new A Nightmare on Elm Street (and Brian asks why Tony Danza didn’t get the role of Freddy).  We also mourn the demise of Marvel’s Essentials compilations and ask what this means for the future of oversized collected trades.  Last but not least, we all weigh in on exactly where the heck Gotham City and Metropolis are located.

But wait! There’s more!!!

Episode 84 also features special guest appearances from action figure insider (and friend of Max’s parents) John Olson.  And, as if that weren’t enough, Josh Elder stops by to let us know what he his Reading with Pictures organization has planned for C2E2.

You might just want to check with your doctor before you listen to Episode 84 of Nerd City.  It’s just that awesome!

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