Nerd City Followup: Waluigi

April 6, 2010


Waluigi Plant

Last year my good friend Max wrote a great piece (read it here) detailing our love of Waluigi, a highly un-respected member of the mushroom kingdom. Today I came across a article detailing the top 10 reason as to why Waluigi is awesome and I couldn’t agree more with it. Highlights include his wicked boss mustache, color choice and many others all of which can be read about here. If you enjoy that, Gamervision even gives us a nice list showing why Daisy is better than Peach, which is also true when you think about it and can be found here. Enjoy the reads and remember if you get a chance to play as Waluigi, do so as you won’t be disappointed. Plus in Mario Strikers Charged, he has two words for ya:

Waluigi Crotch Chop

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