Apple Needs More Attention, Another Event Thursday!

April 5, 2010

Everything, Everything Else

iPhone 4

So, just two days after Apple launched the iPad to the world they’ve sent out this invitation to the press/gadget blogs for an event on Thursday (Yes, THIS Thursday).  It starts at the same time as all Apple events, 10PST…which is noon central boys and girls.  The rumors have already been swirling concerning the next major update to the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad OS.  Will it include multi-tasking?  How about Flash support (riiiiiiiight)?  The ability to let you leap tall buildings in a single bound?  My prediction is that this update will role out in early summer, right when the newest model iPhones are expected to be unveiled.  With a whole 2-3 months until then Apple needed SOMETHING to keep the bloggers talking since the iPad released over the past weekend.  No word yet on any live streams of the event (or even if it is an “official” Apple event).  Again, Nerd City was left of the invitation list for some reason, but I bet Gizmodo will cover it live since they usually do and are serious drinkers of the Apple Kool-Aid.

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