Marvel Comics Announces iPad App

April 2, 2010


Marvel iPad
Marvel Comics, in association with ComiXology, have created a new app that will allow you purchase and read a large selection of their library on the upcoming iPad (along with iPhone and iPod touch). This app will allow consumers to read back issues of Marvel Comics ranging from the silver age all the way to the modern age. When the application launches, expect 500 titles available for immediate download, all for the price of $1.99 each. To celebrate the launch of the application, Marvel will be offering free downloads of New Avengers 1, Captain America 1, Invincible Iron Man 1 and Thor 1. Marvel states that they will have new content up every week, but they do not state if that content will feature new books for the week or just more back issues. I would expect them not to launch with new weekly books as the average price of a new comic is $3.99, Marvel would loose a good chunk of money if they allow the new books to go for $1.99. More information on what those new books each week will be once the application launches. I hope that this app succeeds as it is always nice to have a new format to read comics and may introduce more people to comics as well, but coming from someone who reads his comics on a computer, I feel nothing will be able to replace the physical copy in your hands. For more information on this app, head on over to Marvels website

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